Spring Home Checklist for New Home Owners

Spring Home Checklist for New Home Owners

Buying your first home there are a number of things that keep you busy. Purchasing new furniture, hosting your first party with family and friends, and managing the monthly utility bills and mortgage payments. But what about maintaining your new home? Western Heritage Realty understands that it may become a little overwhelming for a first time home buyer, so we have put together a guide to maintain your home.

1. Check your furnace and HVAC Filters
It is important to check your furnace and HVAC filters. Clogged filters make heating and cooling systems run less efficiently. It will also help trap harmful pollutants and allergens. To check your furnace and HVAC filters turn off your system, pull out your filters and inspect them for dirt or grime. If they are dark and dirty it is time to replace your filters. Slide the filter away from the system and replace it with the suitable replacement. Right after moving in and every year around the same time.

2. Checking your attic and crawl space for any signs of moisture.
It is important to inspect your attic and crawl spaces for any signs of water as it can lead to mold and water damage the structure of your home. It is important to pay attention to the corners and edges for any changes in color. If you are not sure use your fingers to test the area for any dampness. This should be done every Fall, as well as every Spring.

3. Maintaining the air conditioner.
It is important for your furnace and air conditioner to run as efficiently as possible, if it doesn’t perform efficiently it can lead large utility costs and harmful carbon dioxide entering your home.

4. Check your caulking around windows and siding.
To maintain the performance of your home it is important to check the caulking around windows and siding to prevent any moisture from getting in.

4. Inspect irrigation systems.
Spring is a great time to inspect your irrigation system so that there is no clog or leak in the system that can be costing you and our community precious water.

5. Clean gutters and downspouts.
It is important to remove leaves and debris that may be left over by rain storms.

6. Clean and repair screen doors and windows.
Keep the bugs out during warmer season by carefully checking each screen as you clean them, and patch up the holes and tears.

7. Check safety devices.
It is important to test and check the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and replace the batteries as needed. It is also time to check the expiration date on fire extinguishers.

9. Touch up interior paint.
Notice any spots where the paint is stained or chipped during the winter months? Use leftover matching paint to touch up those areas. If you notice a moisture spot on the ceiling, this is an indicator that there may be a leak.

10. Clean out your garage.
Decluttering your garage this Spring will help you find your gardening and household tools a lot easier this season.

11. Clean grill and set up outdoor kitchen.
Give your grill a good scrubbing, test that everything is in working order and stock up on fuel for the grilling season.

13. Inspect decks, fences, and paths.
It is important to have wooden decks sealed and stained to prevent water damage and rotting. To prevent your deck from any damage it should be inspected every summer and resealed every 2 to 3 years.

14. Check the roof.
Make sure that all the shingles or tiles are intact and that none have blown off during the winter.

16. Make a green commitment beyond Earth Day

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