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Ideal Location

Located on California’s Central Coast, between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and amidst California’s fastest growing wine region, Zio Santo Vineyards is part of the distinguished Paso Robles Wine AVA. The region is described by Wine Enthusiast magazine as “a globally recognized land of vineyards.” The 312-acre property is approximately 14 miles southeast of Paso Robles and 11 mile east of Atascadero in the prestigious Creston Valley. Climate is influenced by the Templeton Gap marine airflow that keeps days warm and late afternoons cool.

Beautiful Terrain

Gentle sloping, rolling terrain with elevations to 1180’ balance seasonal inundation influences allowing for the gentle flow of water on the property through foothill channels, a year-round four-acre pond and seasonal blue line creeks to the offsite Huero Huero River.

Rich Soils

A combination of Arbuckle-Positas complex (103), Arbuckle-San Ysidro complex (106), Elder loam (138), and Nacimiento-Los Osos complex (180) provides for year-round agriculture operations and optimal growing conditions for wine grapes, forage hay, specialty crops and alfalfa.

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Year round agriculture operations include Vineyard, Forage Hay, Specialty Crops and Alfalfa with approximately 176.81 Acres available for potential future vineyard.